Submission Guideline

Submission Guideline

Prospective authors for technical sessions should submit an abstract (1 Page, 400 words) for consideration. The prescribed format for the abstract will be shown on the official website ( to be distributed in April 2023. All abstracts must be submitted by July 31, 2023. Submitted papers will be screened on the content and merit of abstracts. We would also like to invite colleagues new to these fields to participate in this conference.

The organizing committee of ICD3DP 2023 solicits participants for oral and poster presentations in organized and ordinary technical sessions on the following topics:
  • Design methods and tools for 3D printing: redesign, topology optimization, generative design, biomimetics
  • Design for 3D printing approaches with AI, modelling, and simulation
  • Repair and Remanufacturing for 3D printing
  • Co-creation in 3D Printing 
  • Design for 3D printing with novel materials: 4D, metamaterials, functionally graded, and biological materials 
  • Design for 3D printing with sustainable development, data flow, security, and standards 
  • Sustainable applications of 3D printing
  • New case studies and applications in design for 3D printing
  • Other topics of interest

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